What is Ultrabook according to Wikipedia

According to ultrabook wikipedia, it refers to a higher end version of laptop. These laptops weigh less than 1.5 kilograms and have thickness of 2.1 centimeters or less. Common specs include low power processors, integrated graphics and chassis to accommodate big batteries in small cases. Many ultra book manufactures have limited number of external ports to further slim down the case.

ultrabook wikipedia

Best HP Ultrabook of 2016: Cheap HP Ultrabook laptop on sale right now – cheapest HP ultrabook of 2016

Best hp ultrabook with optical drive; best hp ultrabook with dedicated graphics; best hp ultrabook with dvd drive; best hp ultrabook with beats audio; best hp ultrabook with i7 processor – find all of them here HP ENVY 17t Touch – $1399 # Windows 10 Home 64, Newest 6th Gen. Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core […]

Best Asus Ultrabooks of 2016: Cheap Asus Ultrabooks on sale right now

Best cheap Asus ultrabooks of 2016 These are the best and cheapest Asus ultrabook laptops on sale right now. Asus is well known for its great customer support and cheaper prices. Asus N550JX – $949 # Intel Quad-Core i7-4720HQ(6MB Cache, up to 3.4 GHz), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M (2GB GDDR3 Dedicated Video Memory) # 16GB […]

Cheapest Acer ultrabook of 2016: Best Acer ultrabook deals – cheap Acer ultrabook

Best Acer ultrabook deals of 2016 Here is the list of top Acer ultrabook models that you can get for cheap in 2016 Acer Aspire F 15 ($446)- This Acer F15 ultrabook is a powerful offering packing backlit keyboard, miracast support and DVD writer. # Intel Core i5-4210U 1.70 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up […]

Cheap Dell ultrabook: Best Dell ultrabook in 2016 – cheapest Dell ultrabook deals

Best Dell ultrabooks of 2016 – Cheapest Dell ultrabook deals of 2016 We will help you find the best dell ultrabook deals of 2016. Dell ultrabooks are very popular as they have strong consumer base in USA and thus better support. Dell ultrabooks are very well made and last longer than other ultrabook manufactures. Top […]

Ultrabook with backlit keyboard in 2016: Top cheap ultrabook laptops with backlight keyboards

Best cheap ultrabook with backlit keyboard A good ultrabook with backlit keyboard packs good amount of memory, genuine windows 10 operating system onboard and a good screen resolution. Dell i5558 – This is an Dell Inspiron laptop packing nifty features like backlit keyboard plus latest Core i5 series processor and genuine windows 10 onboard. # […]

Ultrabook with VGA port: Ultrabook laptops with VGA and HDMI ports

Best cheap ultrabook with VGA HDMI A lot of laptop manufactures are still producing ultrabook laptops with VGA ports as some of us are still using VGA monitors. That is why some thin laptops come with both VGA and HDMI ports. VGA port is still being used in myriad projectors and old displays. One will […]

Top 10 Skylake Ultrabooks of 2015

These are the cheapest skylake ultrabooks of 2015. Skylake ultrabooks have  become very popular in 2015 as the new platform makes use of 14nm manufacturing technology that brings more efficient processors to the tablet along with excellent battery life. Skylake ultrabooks and skylake laptops come with Core i3 and Core i5 processors. Some Skylake laptops […]

Celeron 3855U 3955U Pentium 4405U i3 6100U i7 6600U, New Skylake-U Ultrabook Processors launched at IFA 2015

Intel has launched a slew of new Skylake-U series processors at the IFA 2015 technology event. This includes Celeron 3855U , Celeron 3955U, Pentium 4405U, i3 6100u and i7 6600U. The Celeron 3855U , Celeron 3955U, Pentium 4405U come with Intel HD Graphics 510 GPU while the Core i3 6100U and i7 6600U come with […]

Cheapest 13 inch ultrabooks under 1000 in 2015

13 inch ultrabooks are rage right now. These cheap laptops are very portable and easy to carry around and at the same time pack enough power to handle your daily tasks easily. So which are cheapest 13 inch ultrabooks out there that you can buy in 2015. Before we enlist them let us take a […]

Acer Travelmate P645

Acer has finally made the Travelmate P645 official. It is a 14-inch ultrabook that is powered by Intel Haswell processor and comes with up to 12GB RAM and features an extremely long battery life runtime of 12 hours. The top-of-range model comes with a dedicated graphics card and a built in 3G modem to keep […]

Dell Latitude 3000, 5000, 7000 Specs Price Release Date

Dell has released a slew of ultrabooks today that includes Latitude 3000, 5000, and 7000. They all come with touch screen options. The Dell 7000 ultrabook is top of the line laptop that comes pre installed with Windows operating system of your choice (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro). If you love Ubuntu linux, […]

Lenovo Flex 15, 14 Released (price, specs)

Lenovo has rolled out two new ultrabooks today called Flex 15 and Flex 14. At first glance, they look like larger version of Ideapad Yoga that were equipped with only 11” and 13” screens, but Flex ultrabooks are completely different computers.

Toshiba Satellite U50T, M50, M50t, M50D, M50Dt Specs Review

Toshiba has launched two new families of notebook and ultrabook for the back-to-school season – U-Series Satellite and Satellite M-Series , featuring the latest processors and design for those looking for a slim notebook that is also lightweight and feature rich at a competitive price. All models combine practicality and offer high performance in an […]

Fujitsu U554 Haswell Ultrabook

Fujistu has released Lifebook U554, a new ultrabook with intel haswell processor. The ultrabook is already available online. Its specifications include Intel Core i5 4200U processor, 3G / UMTS TPM module with advanced theft protection, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi, and runs Windows 8 operating system.

Tizen Ultrabook at Tizen Conference 2013

For those who do not know, Tizen is an operating system that works on laptops, tablets and smartphones. A video has been uploaded by Tizen Experts, which clearly show how powerful the platform is. Earlier, I thought the Tizen OS was just good enough enough for mobile phones but the video clearly shows that it […]

Lenovo X230S Specs, Price with Core i5 3337U

Lenovo has made its ThinkPad X230S official. The X230S is the successor to the X230 and X200 Thinkpad notebooks. The new model has ultrabook processor, the Core i5 3337U. It is also very thin, now measuring only 17.7 mm and weighs between 28.1 and 31.1 kilograms. The chassis, as expected is made of carbon fiber […]

Asus S500 specs, price

Asus has rolled out Vivobook S500 ultrabook notebook that runs Windows 8 OS and features full numpad. Specs include 15.6 inch display, Core i7 3517U processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD + 24GB SSD, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Gigabite Ethernet, 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA, headphone/microphone combo and Kensington lock port. Asus Vivobook measures […]

Core i5 3337U Benchmark

The Intel Core i5 3337U is a ULV processor for ultrabooks that is based on Ivy Bridge architecture. It runs at 1.8GHz clock speed and automatically overclocks to 2.7GHz under Turbo boost mode. Here are Core i5 3337U benchmark results: 1. 3DMARK 06  – 3125 2. CINEBENCH R10 – 7224 3. 3DMARK VANTAGE – 8402 […]

Samsung NP900X3E A03DE, A05DE, A02DE, A01DE, A06DE specs, price

Samsung has released a slew of premium ultrabooks in Germany under NP900X3E model – all of which come with full HD display with incredibly high brightness levels of 300 cd/m2. Weighing at just 1.16 kilograms, the Samsung NP900X3E measures 313.8 x 218.5 x 12.9 millimeters.

Core i7 3537U benchmark

The Intel Core i7 3537U is a super fast ULV processor for ultrabook laptops. It is based on Ivy Bridge architecture and runs at 2GHz clock speed and turbo boosts to 2.9GHz when required. Since the i7 3537U is an Ivy Bridge processor and thus produced using 22nm manufacturing technology.

Specifications of an ultrabook

Since the term “ultrabook” was coined by Intel, it requires its ultrabook manufactures to meet certain specifications in order for an OEM to sell a laptop as Ultrabook.

what is ultrabook

Huvor River – October 2011

Processor: Sandy Bridge microarchitecture; Intel Core models; CULV (17 W TDP)
Height: (maximum) 18 mm for 13.3" and smaller displays; 21 mm for 14.0" and larger displays
Battery life: (minimum) 5 hours
Resume from hibernation: (maximum) 7 seconds
Storage:    no requirements
I/O:    no requirements
Software and firmware:    Intel Management Engine 7.1 (or higher); Intel Anti-Theft Technology; Intel Identity Protection Technology

Chief River - June 2012

Processor: Ivy Bridge microarchitecture; Intel Core models; CULV (17 W TDP)
Height: (maximum) 18 mm for 13.3" and smaller displays; 21 mm for 14.0" and larger displays; 23 mm for convertible tablets
Battery life: (minimum) 5 hours
Resume from hibernation: (maximum) 7 seconds
Storage:    80 MB/s transfer rate (minimum)
I/O:    USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt
Software and firmware:    Intel Management Engine 8.0 (or higher); Intel Anti-Theft Technology; Intel Identity Protection Technology

Shark Bay - June 2013

Processor: Haswell microarchitecture SiP (11.5 or 15 W TDP)
Height: (maximum) 20 mm for 13.3" and smaller displays; 23 mm for 14.0 and larger displays
Battery life: (minimum) 6 hours HD video playback; 9 hours Windows 8 idle
Resume from hibernation: (maximum) 3 seconds
Storage:    80 MB/s transfer rate (minimum)
I/O:    Intel Wireless Display; touchscreen; voice command; sensors/context aware (convertibles only)
Software and firmware:    Anti-virus, anti-malware; Intel Anti-Theft Technology; Intel Identity Protection Technology